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The art of creating.

A sneak peek into my working process.

My Process:



As part of my creative process I use miniature, figure and scale model art, photography, composition, and digital painting.

I have a vivid imagination, awake or sleep. I am always creating images and stories in my head that I feel the need to externalize, which made me look fot a way to carry out those projects. I understood then that I needed to learn new tricks and work a little harder, that I needed to acquired the necesarry skills to do so. That’s when it all led me to Miniature, Figure and Scale Model Art, to Creative Photography, and Digital Art.


Even though technically I’m a professional photographer, I consider myself as a visual artist. Photography is just one of the resources I take advantage of to create my images.

My favorite techniques are: The Digirama (the use of an image displayed on a screen, which, by the way-and as a fun fact-, is the technique used in the filming of the series The Mandalorian,) and the mix of diorama and/or practical set-ups with image compositing, both with digitally created effects, as well as practical effects.

BRUCE (composite process)


FORGOTTEN: rusty old car (day & night)

THE END OF DAYS: the making of

Pre-Production: Normally I work an idea in my head for days before putting it into paper. Then, I start looking for everything I need (which sometimes can take days or weeks depending on the route i decided to take). Once I have that, then it’s time to begin with the planning of the creation of the things that need to be made in order to make the practical part (the staging) of the whole image for the shooting. Then the real fun begins.


Production: One of the most entertaining parts of the whole process is the making of the set-up and the posing of the figures or the subjects. This involves the creating of each part and detail of the world we are bringing to life. Given each project is different, this is always a welcomed pleasure, given that almost every project has different details to look after.


After setting it all up, comes the part I enjoy the most: the lighting scheme set-up. This is what takes me the longest before the actual shooting, but the one thing I enjoy the most. Lighting is my favorite part of the whole process. Then, having that ready, is time for the shooting.


Post-Production: Then comes the post production. I work with Adobe Photoshop. I don’t rush my work and I do have a great time with every step of the way.


Hope to give you a better insight to my process through the BTS videos that I will share in this section.

FOOD STYLING: the cereal bowl


ON THE ROAD: in the making

SAMWISE "the brave"

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