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I'm from Guatemala, Central America, and I'm a villains guy.

Professional photographer and visual artist. Gamer, movies and tv series addict, avid book and comic book reader, and passionate musician. I'm an artist with a fascination for creating cinematic-style scenes with scale models and action figures by means of photography, and digital and practical effects. If I can cheat the eye, for one second at least, then my job is done.


I studied Photography at the Universidad Rafael Landívar de Guatemala (Rafael Landívar University of Guatemala). Started out working as a social event photographer (weddings, graduations, e.g.), which was a great starting point and a huge learning experience, but soon opened my own studio and made the transition to advertising doing product shot, and promotional photography.

Time passed. I have always liked to create, to let myself and imagination go, and I wasn’t doing that, which affected me in the long run and made me lose my love and interest for the work I was doing. I was in a weird place, and when I was feeling like I didn’t want to take another photo, something amazing happened: I discovered what they call Toy Photography, or, better said, stumbled upon it, and with it I discovered a whole new world of endless possibilities where I could let my creative side go, and where I could do anything my mind wanted. I found the joy again.

I have a thing for lighting and the cinematic look-it comes natural to me-, so I was fascinated with being able to recreate movies and tv series scenes with toys.


At first, I was hook on Legos, so my learning experience in this field was all made with those. But soon, my need to explore with light and texture made me transition to action figures of the 1/12th scale, which naturally led me to the 1/6th scale.


I can honestly say I learned a whole lot more about lighting and photography in general doing toy photography than in anything else. So much, that I constantly find myself applying the techniques I’ve learned to other types of photography.


My vision is to try and represent, to depict the things I see in my head and dreams, and to try and make them as real looking as I can, but soon came to terms with the fact that photography alone wasn’t going to cut it, that it was just one of the many vehicles I would have to use to achieve my goal. It was urgent to learn new things, which was perfect. I’m always looking to improve, to go beyond. So, I had to expand my horizons and understood that I had to immerse myself in the digital aspect of creating, and quickly fell in love with digital art.


Thus, Toy Photography led me to Scale Model Photography and Compositing.


I understood then the endless possibilities this offers me and my potential clients, the things I can achieve and how I can help others to communicate their ideas and concepts through this incredible form of art, so I decided to embark myself completely in this new adventure.


Toy & Miniature Art, Creative Photography, Digital Art.

Digital Artist & Storyteller.




Miniature Art

Visual Effects

Image Design

Image/Photo Compositing

Digital Painting

Focused Diffused Lightning

High Impact Images

Creative Projects

Customized photography and image production with miniatures, scaled models and action figures for Advertising and Brand Positioning for companies that wish to project themselves with this new and revolutionary visual art trend, which allows new innovating insights and lower budget costs than those of real life scale.

“Don’t limit yourself. The imagination is the golden pathway to everywhere.”

– Terrance McKenna.

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